How to Remove Hair Dye and Hair Color Stains

Permanent hair color and hair dye uses a complete process to embed color deep into your hair, covering grays and changing the hue of your hair. Permanent hair color lasts until your hair grows out and your natural hair comes in. This isn’t the type of dye that’s going to wash out after a few showers. So, what do you think it does when you accidentally drip it on your clothes?

Overview of Hair Dye and Hair Color Stains

Because hair dye is so permanent, it’s important take care and avoid making a mess on your clothing. If you do happen to drip, however, you better act fast or you’ll be left with a dyed shirt for life.

Some hair dyes are made from natural ingredients, while others from chemicals. In either case, they are specifically designed to stain something. Sometimes, that’s your clothes.

Removing Hair Dye and Hair Color Stains

Most conventional methods for removing dye transferred from your hair to your clothes don’t work. In fact, the best option for most hair color and clothing accidents is to take the clothing item to the dry cleaner. A professional will have the harsh cleaning agents and hair dye stain remover needed to get rid the stain.

If you do want to attempt this stain removal at home, however, here’s what you can do.

  1. Choose a detergent and stain remover
  2. Pre-treat the stain
  3. Wash and rinse
  4. Check to see if the stain is gone

Choose a Detergent and Stain Remover

For colored clothing, use Persil Color Megaperls® or Persil Color Gel; for white clothing, use Persil Universal Megaperls® or Persil Universal Gel. If the stain is on a sensitive fabric, like silk or wool, use Perwoll Care and hand wash.

Pre-Treat the Stain

Apply your detergent and stain remover to the stain, gently massaging it in. Let this sit for about an hour and blot with a clean, white cloth. If the stain doesn’t seem to have faded, mix together your detergent and cool water and soak the fabric for another hour.

Wash and Rinse

Wash the clothing at the highest temperature possible that is safe for the fabric. You can find this information on the garment label.

Check the Stain

Always check the stain to see if it is completely gone before drying. If it isn’t, pre-treat the stain again, then wash and rinse.

Keep in mind that this solution is not guaranteed, and may not always work. For hair dye stains, sometimes the best hair color stain remover is relying on a professional.